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322回 / 365日(平均6.2回/週)



  • I'm going to Tokyo next Saturday.

    I want to stay at home. But I have many chores outside. I'm going to Tokyo. if I had enough money, I want to eat out at a fancy restaurant. I want to go to seafood restaurant from US. It's Harajuku. I checked out new restaurants while I was writing this diary. I found many new restaurants. I found one that is not so expensive. I'm sure I will vi…

  • I don't have time to learn French

    Since I started work I don't have time to learn French. It's been a while since I learned French last time. It's interesting to try to improve foreign language in the different way to learning English. As I told, I did grammar, pronunciation, reading English first. But I do repeating, translating from Japanese into French and reading French in the firs…

  • I'm better at choosing YouTube videos

    I liked watching videos which talk about how to improve your English. But I already know how. I realized it's wasting time. It's far more better watching English expressions. I found some informative videos. And I started practice those. □今日調べた表現 how to improve your English I searched a sentence *how to improve English*But I didn't f…

  • Diet for sweet tooth

    There are slim people who eat cake everyday. Maybe it's low calorie specific cake. Or maybe they have special stomach as having bacteria eating fat. But I think what normal dieters make slim is eating habit. You need to be people who don't like sweets. If you kept not to eat sweets, you would get used to it. My goal is flat belly. I went well to e…

  • I live in suburb.

    I've worked near my house for a week. I'm getting scared to go to Tokyo. I live in Tokyo. But it's suburb. It was natural thing to work at the big city for me. But I have some bad experiences due to work there. There are some scary people or cold people out there. No pain no gain. Visiting New York is exciting even though it's scary.←話が飛躍し…

  • 語学はキリがない

    昨日は日本語習得のYouTube見てたんだけど、日本語に関する疑問はつきないみたいで、 英語も日記を書く時に、知らない単語は調べるけど、こういう言い方するのかな?と思った時にグーグルアメリカで検索すれば、日記も正確な文章に仕上がるんだけど、全部調べてたら時間がかかる。キリが無い感じ。 結局の所、通じさえすれば良いと思えば、勉強はやめて、次の違う外国語に進むと言…

  • Inexpensive tropical juice

    I stopped by brasilian shop on my way home. Tropical juice from Thai were inexpensive compared to Filipino store. You know for…

  • I woke up at 10am

    I woke up at 10am. Basically I can't wake up early on my days off. I worked 5 days in a row. So I could wake up in the morning automatically. I stopped by Sei…

  • なぜメディア=YouTuber=プロ市民は同じ話を繰り返すのか?

    プロ市民が同じ話を繰り返すから私まで同じ反論を何度も書く事になります。もうその話はいいよと言う方は読まないで下さい。 プロ市民YouTuberは文法や発音の間違いを気にするから日本人は英語が話せないと言いますが 違います。私達は、単語や表現を知らないから話せないだけです。 私達が習ったのは非現実的な教養英語で日常会話ではありません。習っていないものは話せる訳…

  • ダイエットは過酷

    I eat only 2scoops of rice and main dishes. I eat sweets once a week at most. My goal was 68cm. But I'm still a little bit fat. When I wear bikini, I couldn't took a picture of under my bust because of fat tammy. This is a big progress. But I still can't take pictures whole body because of lower stomach fat. The problem is that I feel you can't s…

  • 300円 スペアリブ&コーン

    I fried pork ribs. I fried also some corn as garnish. I brought strawberry preserves and tomato ketchup. It goes well with ribs. *** A few days ago I made sweet potato ketchup based spaghetti and Chinese fried rice after work. I also made fried honey sweet potatos because some sweet potatos were left. But It took so long. I was exhausted mental…

  • 上級者向け英語勉強法

    英語が話せる人を私は上級者と呼んでいます。英語が話せる中でも初級、中級、上級に更に分かれると思いますが、私のレベルはこの内の初級だと思います。 英語が話せるレベルを上級とするならば、上級向け勉強方法について語りたいと思います。上級の上級ではないのにおこがましいですが、あえて書きます。 以前にも少し書きましたが、上級者になると映画で勉強したりフリートークし…

  • インプットとアウトプットどちらが大事?

    インプットとアウトプットはどちらにも利点があります。アウトプットは新しく覚えた言葉を忘れにくいと言う事があります。 だけどアウトプットをしていてもいつまでも上手くならない人は辞書やグーグルで調べない人です。 知ってる言葉だけを使ってコミュニケーション出来るよ。と言うアドバイスがあるのですが、ペラペラを目指すなら調べる必要があります。 だけど調べるのが…

  • ☆100円 さつまいものナポリタン

    I read my old diary. My eating habits back then was wealthy. I was like Oh you had much money and enjoyed your life. I'm going to have sweetpotato Ketchup-based spaghetti. Ingredients are Sweetpotato, onion, ketchup, butter, soysauce, wine, nutmeg Saving money was going well until the night. I found a 600yen frozen pizza. I bought it as night sn…

  • 100円フレンチトースト *主旨がよくわからない為閲覧注意

    I had plan to make French toast today. I bought a loaf of bread 4days ago. It has already some mold. I fried an egg and add some gorgonzola cheese instead of French toasts. Gorgonzola cheese taste luscious. I'd like to buy truffle oil. It has same effect even though its small portion. It's not summer. I didn't know bread don't last long. By the w…

  • 150円おかず とろ巻

    I don't know how to call negitoro-maki minus negi. I've never heard of toro-maki. I think negi-maki is wrong.←小さい事で悩む性格 I ate leftovers from yesterday. I tried fresh fatty tuna putting into soup. But it's not good. But fresh fish lasts 2days at most. Then I have to eat 1.5dishes of fresh fatty tuna. *** I went window shopping. It's …

  • 50日ぶりに外出しました。(^-^;)

    仕事柄咳が出来ないので50日ぶりに仕事に行きました。事務職なら1日しか休んでないと思います。 長期の風邪は三年で少なくとも三回やっています。毎日高いなと思いながらレモンを一個絞って飲んでいました。 今日調べたらレモンよりも柚やキウイの方がビタミンCがあるそうです。それならキウイの方が好みだったんだけど。 人は困った時に視野がとてもせまくなりますね。ずっ…

  • 100円おかず かっぱ巻き

    I made some kappa-maki. It was my first time to make osushi. I don't know what is called. What is the name of fatty tuma maki. Is it negitoro-maki? But negi is not inside of maki. No it's inside of norimaki. Fatty tuma frake was 300yen. But it's quite large portion. I can't eat in 2days. But you know fresh tuna don't last long So I'm gonna fry one third of t…

  • インプット方法はリーディングのみ

    I put words I'm interested in into search box of YouTube every day. I watched a video called Best pizza in New York today. It was hard to understand. Her English wasn't unclear. Maybe I was choosing the videos which are easy to listen unconsciously. I know the reason. It's lack of vocabulary. When people who get listening ability lately tend to listen y…

  • I did repeating French for a week.

    I started repeating travel French a week ago. I couldn't repeat all of them. But I improve gradually. It's increasing phrases that I can repeat. My goal is that I repeat all of them. Today I found a good thing. I read out loud the text book. I found out that I memorized all of phrases accents and intonations. As I said before I learn French in diff…

  • 100円おかず なすのトマトソース

    I made tomato sauce and eggplant pasta. I used frozen Eggplant. I just used tomato juice from a can of tomatoes. Basically I cut tomato stem. And I dice tomatoes. But It was hassle today. Ingredients are can of tomatoes, chopped onion, eggplants, butter, white wine If I have much money, I add fresh sweet basil or blue cheese. □今日調べた単…

  • 語学目的で友達を作ると言う事

    友達がたまたま外国人だったなら問題ないんですけど、最初から語学目的で誰かに近づくと言うのは、微妙だと思います。 それはオンラインレッスンならば遠慮なく質問出来るんだけど、友達だと質問ばかりしていると、嫌がられそうだし、それに語学目的で近づいたと言う事は性格が合うかもわからないですよね。合わないとわかったらラインブロックすれば良いんだけど←ラインIDの無い人。 …

  • 音読とシャドーイング

    音読とシャドーイングそのものには効果はあまりないと思います。滑舌が良くなる程度。 とは言え、1日三分位は音読しないと、せっかく発音を覚えてもスラスラ口から出て来ない、もたつくような感じになるからやった方が良いです。 内容を理解したい時は黙読じゃないと頭に入りにくいです。だから音読が良いからと言って全て音読するのも良くないです。 そしてシャドーイングや…

  • 字幕なしで映画を見たい

    字幕なしで映画を見る方法と言う記事を読んで見ました。 そういう記事では、 ボキャブラリーは少なくて良い。ネイティブは中学校で習う単語を使って話している。 シャドーイングはしたらだめ。 日本語字幕を読んだら日本語で考える癖がつく。 スラングや話し言葉を暗記したらだめ。 知らない単語は調べたらだめ。推測すれば良い。 と言う事が書いてあるのですが、…

  • 瞬間英作文よりも良い方法

    瞬間英作文と言う本をすすめる方がたくさんいらっしゃいますが、あれは和文英訳で同じ文を繰り返し練習するらしいのですが、これも結局は I havd, Did you, I will, I would などを覚えるまで繰り返ししようと言うな事で、結局暗記ですよね。記憶法と言った方が正しいかな。これ主語や動詞を組み立てる練習に見えて、実際暗記です。 英作文練習だとしたら、答は見る必要はない訳で、…

  • I would die for you

    I made some curry. I bought curry powder from Indian grocery shop a couple month ago. I don't have money to buy pork. So I only bought potatos. I already have egg, sausage and onion. I usually make seafood curry. But I want to make curry with the ingredients I already have today. It's my first time to use it. And It was too hot. I will be ill. Th…

  • 私の単語の覚え方と新しい発見

    私は単語帳を作って単語を覚えないんですよね。どうやるかと言うと読書をして、わからない単語が出てきたら検索して、そのわからない単語を携帯のメモ帳に書いておきます。 それでその日本語の意味付きのメモ帳を1日一回眺めるだけ。そうすると何日かすると覚えます。1ヶ月経っても覚えられない単語もあれば3日で覚える単語もあります。 ですが、今日は〜の向かいと言う表現が出…

  • 100円おかず ステーキ、ミートソース、キャベツ炒め

    I made stake(low price), spaghetti meat sauce, sauteed cabbage. ingredient of sauteed cabbage are cabbage. sausage, onion. This mix get along well. I bought 80yen cabbage. I chopped it and boiled. I put them into a plastic bag. It is for 5dishes. I put it in the freezer. I haven't done this way. I have bought small cut cabbage. It's a bit expensive. I find out this way fr…

  • フレーズ暗記なしで英語は話せない

    フレーズの暗記は効果が無いってみんな口を揃えて言ってますよね。 今検索して20件程サイトを見てみたのですが一人もいなかったです。効果は決まり文句だけならある。と言う意見ならありました。 日本で私一人だけかもしれません。私の日記読んでいただければ効果あるのはわかりますよね。私の英語は暗記で出来ています。 誰一人として暗記をすすめる方がいないのは興味深いで…

  • I don't want to fail choosing restaurant.

    When I'm memorizing travel French, I'm getting feel like to visit Paris again. You know it's far more better to visit foreign country having speaking foreign language skill. I am only interested in food. I would like to buy lots of name brands chocolate. They are one third price of chocolate in Japan. And I'd like to have French cuisine. But I'm planni…