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  • Healthy Japanese Recipe -Salmon Nabe(soup)

    One of my favorite fish is definitely salmon. Since salmon is very tasty and juicy, I normally cook salmon in very simply way which is frying with salt and black pepper or butter. This time I only …

  • Asparagus & Chicken -Japanese Easy Recipes-

    Whenever I buy asparagus, I make the same recipe all the time; meat-wrapped asparagus. Here is meat-wrapped potato recipe but you can substitute to asparagus. I haven’t really try new recipes…

  • 3 ingredients for Japanese Pickles -Japanese Easy Recipes

    Are you a big fan of pickles? If so, you should definitely try Japanese style pickles! It’s one of the easiest Japanese recipes. I make Japanese pickles quite often. It goes really well with …

  • Japanese Easy Recipes -Layered Chicken & Potato with Cheese

    This is one of my favorite recipes. As far as I know, everyone likes chicken, potato and cheese (of course not everyone but many people!). So I combine all of them and bake it! Japanese Recipe -lay…

  • Japanese Easy Recipe -What’s the Real Miso Soup?

    Miso soup is one of the most important dishes for Japanese people. There are always miso soup, rice and main dish for a meal. I like American style breakfast which is bread or cereal with coffee to…

  • Japanese Easy Recipe -One-Pan Chicken & Tomato

    When I’m busy or very tired after long day, I just made quick one-pan dinner. Sometimes nabe recipe or Japanese white stew or Japanese curry. Another One-Pot Recipe Today I will introduce you…

  • Vinegar and Chicken!

    Visit the post for more.

  • Japanese BBQ Pork & Vegetable -Japanese Recipes-

    There are a lot of vegetable in America I haven’t seen before in Japan. I really enjoy trying something new to me! The other day I bought brussels sprout at American supermarket. I’m pr…

  • Cooking Panda Express at home! -beef & broccoli-

    I personally like Panda Express (Chinese fast food in America) even though my Chinese friends always say “it’s not Chinese!!” I saw beef and broccoli at Panda Express the other da…

  • Healthy Japanese Fried Chicken -Japanese Casual Recipes-

    I like fried food even though it has a lot of calories. But I didn’t like to make fried dishes at home just because it seemed too much work to clean up kitchen after using of oil. The other d…

  • Beef & Potato Oven-Bake Cooking -Japanese Easy Recipes-

    Recently I’m trying to use my oven more. Back in Japan, I didn’t have one so when I moved to America I was very happy to have it in my new apartment. I just forgot to use it for a while…

  • Salmon & Potato Creamy Bake -Japanese One-Pot Recipes-

    I realize I have introduced only meats recipes for a while. Actually I like fish as much as I like meat! In fact, I really miss good sushi in Japan… Besides sushi, I would say my favorite is …

  • Japanese Fried Meat Recipe-Pork and Ginger-

    In the last post I said Teriyaki series is one of the most famous Japanese dishes. But the recipe I will introduce you today is going to be definitely the other one! You can check out Teriyaki reci…

  • Teriyaki Chicken at Home! -Japanese Casual Recipes-

    One of the most famous Japanese dishes is probably Teriyaki sauce series. Teriyaki is go well with EVERYTHING! You can use for meats, fishes or even burgers!! We have Teriyaki burger at McDonald&#8…

  • Japanese Bowl Recipe -easy casual cooking-

    The bowl recipe is easiest cooking and just one bowl makes you fulfilled and happy! I introduced chicken and egg (oyako-don) recipe in previous post but bowl recipe is much more actually!! (You can…

  • New Idea for Ground Meats? Try Japanese Style!

    Recently I realize ground meats are easy to cook, can be used for variety of dishes and just have so much potential! I try not to make same dishes everyday. Normally rotation of chicken, pork, fish…

  • How to Make Japanese Pasta Sauce?

    Have you tried Japanese pasta? There are a lot kinds of Japanese pasta which is manly made with soy sauce-based sauce. For example, there are uni pasta, Japanese mushroom and spinach, cod roe and c…

  • Recipe of Chicken Butter Curry -Japanese Easy Cooking-

    This is not traditional Japanese style curry but my very original one which tastes like between Japanese and Indian curry. It has deep tasty flavor but not as spicy as Indian ones. (Japanese tradit…

  • No much time for cooking? Try Sliced Meat Recipe!-Japanese Recipes-

    As you probably already noticed, this blog mainly tells you easy casual Japanese recipes. If you want to try something very easy or you only have limited time, I suggest you to use sliced meat. You…

  • Chicken and Egg Bowl -How to make Japanese food?-

    In Asian countries, we have a lot of types of bowls which is meat, fish or vegetable over rice. Easy to eat, rich in nutrition, many varieties! Bowls are always good idea when you don’t know …

  • Japanese Fried Rolled Egg-tamago yaki-

    When you buy Japanese bento, you might find this type of egg. Sometimes it tastes a little bit sweet, sometimes tastes dashi. You probably wonder how to make this fried rolled egg. So I will show i…

  • Meat-Wrapped Cheese Potato-Japanese Recipe-

    In Japan we use sliced thin meat very often. They get cooked quickly and go well with pretty much any vegetable. Using sliced thin meat, you can try meat-wrapped recipe! It looks much work but once…

  • Creamy Chicken Pumpkin stew -casual Japanese recipe-

    Of all meat, I use chicken at most often. Especially chicken breast is cheap and healthy so I like making something with it. Chicken breast has less fat than other parts of chicken, it sometimes be…

  • Feeling sick? Try Japanese recipe helping you recover!

    Hi everyone! It’s getting close to winter but hope you are not getting cold or anything. Unfortunately my husband got cold the other day. I’m pretty sure that’s because of out tri…

  • What’s Japanese Style Stew?-white creamy stew recipe-

    Have you ever try Japanese curry and rice? I know some American friends who are obsessed with Japanese curry because it’s too good! Besides, it is so easy to make that even Japanese children …

  • Winter Japanese Recipes -Nabe (Japanese hot pot)

    In these a couple days, it’s getting colder in LA. Tokyo is much colder and we even have snow in winter. Since I don’t really like cold weather, I normally spend a lot of time inside in…

  • Meatball in Japanese Style -easy cooking recipes-

    When I first saw meatball spaghetti and meatball sandwiches in America, I thought they were really weird. It’s because in Japan meatball is seasoned by Japanese style which is soy sauce based…

  • Ketchup Rice with Egg (omu-rice) -Japanese quick recipes-

    A lot of people might wonder how “ketchup rice with egg” tastes like. It’s called omu-rice in Japanese and probably most of Japanese people love it. We made it especially for chil…