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  • Recipe for Karaage Chicken (Japanese Dish)

    Here is the recipe for Karaage Chicken - Japanese version of fried chicken! Let's make one of the most popular Japanese dishes at home!

  • Inari Sushi – Rice with Deep-Fried Tofu

    Let's make some pretty little sushi, Inari sushi - rice stuffed into thin deep-fried tofu. The rice can be seasoned with a variety of taste!

  • Lemon Cream Pasta Sauce with Salmon

    Creamy and rich, but at the same time refreshing taste of lemon cream pasta sauce! Here is the full recipe for new taste of cream sauce!

  • How To Make Sushi At Home – Chirashi Style

    Easy & inexpensive way to make sushi at home - chirashi sushi! You can just randomly place diced raw fish over the rice just like a bowl!

  • Japanese Dumpling (Gyoza) Recipe

    Japanese dumpling is known as "gyoza" which is fried crispy dumpling! Here is step-by-step instruction & tips for making gyoza at home!

  • Easy Pasta Salad Recipe – Japanese

    Japanese easy pasta salad recipe - one of the cold side dishes, seasoned with mayonnaise and vinegar! Great for bento box too!

  • How to bake salmon with foil – Japanese Style

    Easy, healthy, delicious salmon recipe in Japanese style! Here is how to bake salmon with foil and some tips for this recipe.

  • Cucumber with Vinegar Recipe – Japanese Style

    One of my favorite cucumber with vinegar recipe - with sesame oil & imitation crabmeat! They add so much great flavor and you will love it!

  • Taco with Rice! Japanese Casual Recipe

    Quick & delicious bowl recipe from Okinawa(Japan) - taco with rice! Made of cheese, tomato, ground meat and rice seasoned with juicy sauce!

  • Marinated Chicken Breast Recipe – Japanese

    Japanese traditional style of marinade, miso-marinated chicken breast recipe is here! Enjoy your favorite protein with the special paste.

  • Mapo Tofu Recipe – Japanese Version

    Let me share my Japanese style Mapo tofu recipe today! Mapo tofu is probably one of the most famous tofu dishes. You might have had…

  • Tofu Steak – Japanese Hamburg Steak

    This tofu steak is healthy version of Japanese hamburg steak! I substitute tofu for most of ground meet. Enjoy juicy steak with low calories!

  • Easy Tofu Recipe – Gratin Style

    If you are trying to use tofu but don’t know how, here is the perfect recipe for you! I shared one of my tofu recipes,…

  • Toast Recipes – Banana & Walnuts and More!

    3 toast recipes you can try and quickly make with Avocado or Egg or Banana! Also, I am sharing some Japanese style breakfast.

  • Steamed Chicken with Japanese Miso Sauce

    Healthy steamed chicken breast recipe with Japanese rich miso & chili sauce. Easy to make, great taste and less calories!

  • Tofu Salad with Avocado & Tomato

    Tofu salad with avocado & tomato simply seasoned with vinegar, olive oil, mayonnaise and honey! This is the easiest way to enjoy tofu!

  • Mille Feuille Nabe – Nappa & Pork

    Mille Feuille Nabe is Japanese hot pot that consists of layers of nappa and sliced pork. Dip in ponzu sauce or creamy miso sauce and enjoy!

  • Potato with Butter & Soy Sauce

    Japanese easy recipe - pork and potato with butter & soy sauce! Simply fry potato, sliced pork, red peppers then season in Japanese style!

  • One Skillet Meal with Japanese Taste

    Easy and gorgeous one skillet meal; pumpkin, broccoli and ground meat seasoned in Japanese style! Enjoy colorful delicious look and taste!

  • Spicy Soup with Soybean Sprouts

    Recipe of spicy soup with soybean sprouts that makes your body warm. Enjoy perfect combination of spice, Japanese umami and egg's mild taste!

  • Japanese Seasoned Rice Recipe

    Japanese seasoned rice is different from fried rice. When you steam rice, add some ingredients and seasonings and cook all together. If you have a…

  • Nikujaga – Japanese meat & potato stew

    Nikujaga is a dish of sliced pork and potato stewed with soy sauce based seasonings. Let's try this traditional and classic Japanese recipe!

  • Baked Tofu Recipe in Japanese Style

    Today, let me introduce you one of my favorite baked tofu recipe! Tofu has so many possibilities. If you are a vegetarian or trying to…

  • Eggplant Oven Roasted in Gratin Style

    Today I will share eggplant oven roasted recipe in gratin style! Some of vegetables are very different from Japanese ones. For example, potato in the…

  • Marinade Recipe of Salmon – Japanese Style

    Japanese marinade recipe! Deep-fry your favorite fish then put into vinegar based sweet sauce. Let's wait until fish soaks delicious sauce.

  • Steamed Cabbage & Pork with Japanese Sauce

    Healthy, easy and fast recipe, steamed cabbage and pork with Japanese sauce! Let's add your favorite vegetables and make it in your own way!

  • Cute Bento Box – Bear Plate Version

    Try Cute Bento Box (Character Bento Box)! You can use small plate instead of actual bento box too. Let's have fun when you cook and eat!

  • Japanese Potato Salad – Easy Recipe

    As each country has different style of potato salad, we have Japanese potato salad in Japan! Let's try easy and popular Japanese recipe!

  • Teriyaki Pork Steak – Japanese Style

    Teriyaki pork steak is not just easy and fast, but also easy to get ingredients at low price! I also share some tips about how to make pork tender.

  • Oven Baked Salmon Recipe in Japanese Style

    Simple & easy oven baked salmon recipe with Japanese style seasonings! Use colorful ingredients and let's make it look fun and gorgeous!