• House Finch Daddy and His Kids

    House Finch daddy surrounded by his hungry kids. In my backyard 09-03-2022 お腹を空かせた子供たちに取り囲まれた、メキシコマシコのお父さん 賑やかにさえずる子供たちに挟まれて、慌てず騒がず、クールなパパでした

  • Lamar Valley

    My happy place: Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park 06-04-2022 ラマー・ヴァレーの眺め イエローストーン国立公園

  • American Robin Taking a Bath

    ホースが作った水たまりには、ハシボソキツツキ For sure, sounds of water and moving water attract wild birds. Here are American Robin and Nothern Flickers taking a bath in my backyard. 09-03-2022 少し前に設置した噴水を浮かべたバードバスで、水浴びをするコマツグミ そのすぐ横の地面には、ハシボソキツツキ 水やり用のホースからしたたる水が作った水たまりで、こちらも水浴びしていました 噴水を設置してから、前よりもたくさん野鳥が水を飲みに来るようになりまし…

  • Dawn in Yellowstone

    Dawn on my way to Lamar Valley. Treasured moment, now so happy I woke up in the dark and started driving. Yellowstone N.P. 06-04-2022 イエローストーンの暁 暗いうちに起きだして運転して来たことが、うれしくなる眺めでした イエローストーン国立公園で

  • Demanding Baby and Tired Mom

    It looks like second breeding season of House Finch has been progressing in my backyard. Young bird is asking mom for food quite loudly. I could imagine theri conversation like "Baby, you are big enough and food is just in front of you. Why don't you eat it by yourself?" "No, mommy! I want you to fe…

  • Big Sky with Amazing Clouds

    Photos from two days returning road trip from Montana, Idaho and Washington. Big sky and amazing clouds formation with weather that kept changing. Montana, Idaho and Washington June 2022 今年のロードトリップ、帰りの2日間 モンタナ、アイダホ、ワシントンを走る モンタナの空は、まじ、でっかい 移り変わる雲のフォーメーションに、感動 これだからやめられない、ロードトリップ!

  • A Pair of Woodpeckers

    雄(左)と雌(右) Once in a while, woodpeckers visit my backyard. This time, I found both male and felame. I wonder if they are husband and wife or dad and daughter... August 2022 裏庭に時々やってくるキツツキ この日は、雌と雄の両方 カップルなのか、父娘なのか・・・

  • Sunflower Thief

    I found a sunflower thief! No wonder my neighbor was complaining squirrells eating her sunflowers. They must be the ones who took my sunflower, too. Well... it must be yummy... right? 08-21-2022 花盗人の現行犯! お隣の花壇に咲いているひまわりをもいで、一心に食べるリス うちのひまわりをもぎとったのも、この子に違いない! ・・・でも、美味しそうに食べてるねぇ・・・

  • End of Summer Blooms

    夏の終わりを感じる我が家の庭 私の大好きな紫陽花 蕾は薄いグリーンで、咲くと白になり、その後また薄いグリーンになって、これから秋にかけてさらに色が変わります 我が家とお隣の間で咲く、イングリッシュローズのグラハム・グリーン もともと私が育てていましたが、事情があって、ずいぶん前にお譲りしました お嫁に出した娘を見る気分 今年はたくさん咲いてくれたガーデニア 数年前の冬に買ったシクラメン 突然咲いて、ちょっとびっくり 一重咲きのばら、モーニング・カラー・ローズ (Morning Color Rose) これ、なんだっけ・・・? エキナセア (Echinacea) これは雑草だったような・・・ ツ…

  • Eternal Beauty

    I have no words to describe this beauty... For sure, this rose radiates beautiful positive engergy. 08-18-2022 この美しさ・・・言い表す言葉が見つかりません ばらは、最も高いバイブレーションを放つ花、とどこかで読みました ほんとうですね

  • Pronghorn Mama and Her Calf

    A pronghorn I uploaded photos yesterday, I met her the day before. She was walking slowly on the side of the hill at Lamar Valley. I decided to watch her since I love pronghorn. Then, all of suddend, I noticed she was nursing her calf! Wow! This is such a rare sight for me. I kept looking at them, t…

  • Beauty in The Valley

    A femal pronghorn was walking alone at Lamar Valley. Her elegant yet strong presence made me stop my car and grabe my camera. I'm glad I did. At Lamar Valley, Yellowstone N.P. 06-05-2022 鮮やかな新緑におおわれた、6月初めのラマーヴァレーを、ひとり歩いていた雌のプロングホーン その凛とした美しさに、カメラを向けずにはいられませんでした

  • All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

    A fig tree our neighbor planted produces lots of fruits. All-you-can-eat buffet for our resident squirrels. August 2022 たくさんの実をつけた、お隣のイチジクリスが毎日食べ放題

  • Double Delight

    Very frangrant rose, Double Delight is one of my favorite roses in my garden. I found out cutting flower when it starts blooming is a scecret to prolong their bloom. Last photo is a bonus, to show you my Gardenias and Chicago Peace. I love to enjoy a benefit of aromatherapy while surfing internet. A…

  • My Favorite Fuchsia: Red Spider

    My fuchsia of this year is this one: Red Spider To my opinion, name doesn't really match this flower but all well... I wonder when my resident hummingbirds find it.... At my backyard August 2022 今年、庭に咲いたフクシアの中で、この子がいちばん気に入りました 名前は、Red Spider なんかちょっとイメージ違うけどなぁ

  • Squirrel Eating in My Backyard

    カサッと音がした方向を見ると・・・リス 一心に何かを食べています いつも食べ物を探しているリス いつ見てもなんだかおかしくて、笑っちゃいます

  • Black-capped Chickadee at Birdbath

    Finally, I got shots of bird come to drink from birdbath. I've been trying but everytime I didn't have a camera with me and by the time I got it, birds were gone. Timing is everything. At my backyard 08-09-2022 やっと撮れました 用意している水盤に水を飲みに来た、アメリカコガラ ちょっと前には水浴びもしていたんですが、手元にカメラがなく・・・ 何事も、タイミング・・・

  • Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel at Lake of the Woods

    この男性、ジリスがこんなに近くに来ているのに、気づいていませんでした These cute Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels were everywhere at Lake of the Woods. They don't hesitate to come close to thumans to beg some food. Some of them must be so good at it, they were quite chubby. Lake of the Woods 08-02-2022 湖畔のあちこちをチョロチョロ走り回っていたキンイロジリスたち レ…

  • Lake of the Woods

    Lake of the Woods is a high mountain historic lake resort in souther Oregon. Not too crowded, a nice restaurant with lots of fun things to do. Surely, a little gem in the woods. オレゴン南部の街、アッシュランドから車で45分のレイク・オブ・ザ・ウッド 昔からたくさんの人たちに愛されてきた、湖畔のリゾートです

  • White-naped Crane

    This beautiful large bird appeared all of sudden from the ditch. I found out this bird is White-naped Crane. Its body displays beautiful gradation from gray to white. Wildlife Safari, Oregon 08-01-2022 くぼみからヒョイと現れた大きな美しい鳥 今調べたら、なんとマナヅルでした 名前は知っていたけど、実物を見たのはこれが初めて グレーから白へと変わるグラデーションがとてもきれい ワイルドライフ・サフ…

  • East African Crowned Crane

    For the first time, I saw East African Crowned Crane (or Gray Crowned Crane.) Such a beautiful bird. At Wildlife Safari, Oregon 08-01-2022 初めて見ました、ホオジロカンムリヅル すごくカラフル 家族もいて、幸せでありますように ワイルドライフ・サファリで

  • Red Dogs and Mothers

    Baby bisons are called "Red Dog" because of their red fur. While they won't go far from their mothers, they also play with other Red Dogs. It is so adorable and fun to watch them run around and bounce across the ground. Lamar Valley, Yellowstone N.P. Early June 2022 バイソンの子どもは、その赤毛からレッド・ドッグ(Red Dog)と…

  • Red Dog on a Sandbar

    I felt relived to see all moms and Red Dogs crossed the river bravely. 川を渡り切った何組かのバイソンの親子を見てほっとしたのもつかの間 When I looked closer, I found a Red Dog curled up on a sandbar in front of me. ふと近くをみると、目の前の砂州にバイソンの子どもが、ひとりでうずくまっています It must have been drifted away from its mother due to this strong river curre…

  • Bison Crossing a River, Lamar Valley

    While driving Lamar Valley, I noticed a huge herd of bisons are crossing a river, so I pulled my car over. The river current was so strong with mountain snow runoff, even adult bisons struggled. Red Dogs following their moms were almost drifted away. While some had to get a fresh start, everyone mad…

  • Melting Icy Lake

    I run into a perfect day to witness ice on Yellowstone Lake surface to melt due to higher temperature and strong wind. Melting ice made mysterious little sounds while they melt and fall apart. Yellowstone N.P. 06-03-2022 暑中お見舞い申し上げます 上がった気温と強い風で融け始めたイエローストーン・レイクの氷 氷が解けてゆく時の、かすかで不思議な音をお聞かせできないのが残念 6月…

  • Adorable Young Black-capped Chickadee

    写真としてはブレブレなんですが、あまりにもかわいいので 連写です Fluffy young Black-capped Chickadee. Too cute not to post even out-of-focus photos. Oregon, June 2022 もふもふで、見るからにまだ子どものアメリカコガラ かわいすぎる~

  • Feathery Visitors to My Backyard

    Young American Robin and Black-capped Chickadee came to my backyard. It seems like American Robin family is here to spend some time. I heard lots of begging calls by young bird. Oregon 07-19-2022 コマツグミの若鳥とアメリカコガラ どうやら子育て中のコマツグミ家族が裏庭に来ているようでした

  • Grizzly Bear Subadult

    This must be a subadult grizzly bear who just separated from its mother this spring. Its hump is not prominent yet and looks a bit uneasy... Since this bear was across the river, it was a bit difficult to take close-up shots. It lifted its head to smell the air, that is a way for griz to learn its s…

  • Uinta Ground Squirrel at My Campsite

    I love Uinta Ground Squirrel. This one showed up at my campsite in Grand Teton N.P. It looked still young and was very timid. It let me take some photos then disappeared into its nest. I didn't see them much this time. Probably it was too cold for them to show up. Grand Teton N.P. 06-01-2022 私の大好きなユ…

  • Chalk Art Festival Done by Kids

    チョーク・アート・フェスティバルでは、子供たちの力作もいっぱい 一緒に行った、友達夫婦の6歳と3歳の娘たちの作品 長女が描いたのは、家族の一員、茶トラのチート Chalk art done by kids and family is filled with good energy and fun. Oregon 07-17-2022 どれも元気で楽しい立派なアートでした

  • Mount Moran and Grand Teton

    マウント・モラン (Mount Moran) グランド・ティトン (Grand Teton) I took many photos of Mt. Moran and Grand Teton. It should be enough by now.... but, each day is different even though these mountains don't move. Wait a minute... actually, they are still growing, becoming taller a bit every year by being pushed earth'…

  • Chalk Art Festival

    土日の2日間、地元で開催されたチョーク・アート・フェスティバル 以前の職場で同僚だった、もともとアーティストの男性が参加する、というので覗きに行ってきました 友人の作品、バッファロー 3ブロックを歩行者天国にしたダウンタウンの路面をキャンバスにして、参加アーティストは2日間かけて思い思いのデザインを描いていきます このリスがたまらなくかわいい! そして、なかでも一番 "Wow!"となったのがコレ! 浮いてるでしょ?まじで・・・ 作品はどれも、予想をはるかに上回る出来栄え あなどるなかれ地元イベント!

  • Marmot at Roosevelt Lodge

    I love rodent family, like these Marmots and they were everywhere at Roosevelt Lodge. They are always funny and somehow remind me of "big buddy." I love to have them as my neighbors. Yellowstone N.P. 06-03-2022 いつ見ても、どこで見ても「おやじ顔」に見えるマーモット チェックイン後、出会ったばかりのご夫婦と私がおしゃべりしているすぐそばで、さほど警戒する様子もなく、日光浴をしはじめました…

  • My Spirit Animal

    Since my first road trip in 2014, Pronghorn has become one of my most important animals. Elegant and quiet, yet run-like-a-wind... Pronghorn is so special and cool. When I find them and no one is around me, I always turn off my car engine and just watch them and be with them. The most peaceful time.…

  • Two Moose at Gros Ventre River

    On my way back to my camp ground, I saw some people pulled over to watch something. I found out they were watching two moose that just crossed Gros Ventre River. Both were male and looks like one is younger. Near Gros Ventre River, Grand Teton N.P. 05-29-2022 ヘラジカ(Moose)は、主に水辺に生息する動物です この時は、川を渡って道路脇…

  • July Garden 2022

    クチナシのつぼみ ラベンダー 多肉植物セダム 咲き始めのアカネシア 月見草 ベロニカ 初めての富有柿の実 名前を忘れてしまった・・・ April and May showers bring "July" flowers here in Oregon. July 2022 雨が多かった春が終わり、お日さまが出るようになって、気温も上がり、庭の草木や果樹もようやく元気になってきました

  • Elk Herd on A Ridge

    While looking for grizzly bear's family in early morning, I run into this beautiful scene: A lareg herd of elk walking up on a ridge to run away from grizzly mama and her three cubs. Although I didn't see bears, I was happy to witness this beauty. Grand Teton N.P. 05-31-2022 朝ごはんを狙うグリズリーベアから逃れるために、尾…

  • Moose at Willow Flat

    This moose was initially spotted by young boy of family traveling from Idaho. It was far away, so I wasn't sure how my photos will come up. They turned out beautiful sequences, just like a delicate painting.I'm so happy about this outcome. Willow Flat, Grand Teton N.P. 05-31-2022 広大な湿地が眼下に広がる、小高い丘の展…

  • Fluffy Wildflowers

    My husband and I visited our friends' property in North Central Oregon for the first time and camped for a couple of nights with them. Thanks to lots of rain during spring, many wildflowers were still there and were very beautiful. 07-10-2022 週末、友人がオレゴン北東部に所有する土地でキャンプしてきました 春に雨がたくさん降ったので、いつもならもう終わって…

  • Cobalt Blue

    How beautiful this deep blue lake... I can't quite put it into words. Crater Lake N.P. 06-26-2022 見ていると吸いこまれてしまいそうな、コバルトブルー 言葉では尽くせない美しさ クレーターレイク国立公園

  • Three Peaks near Crater Lake

    左から、Mt. Bailey(ベイリー山)、Diamond Peak(ダイヤモンド・ピーク)、Mt. Thielsen(セルセン山)・・・のはず Three peaks you can veiw from Crater Lake N.P. These mountains are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Going noth, you will find Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. Traveling south, you will reach Mt. Shasta. Southern Oregon 06-26-2022 …

  • Summer at Home

    This patio unbrella I bought for July 4th sale made such a huge difference. It transformed our old ordinary patio into a nice outdoor living space. Other images are things I adore or use only for short but beautiful summer here. July 2022 この家に住むようになって20年ちょっと 庭用のパラソルがセールになっていたので、初めて買ってみたら 庭が一気にアウトドアリ…

  • Japanese Persimmon

    My Fuyu Japanese Persimmon now has some fruits. I'm very excited and watering every day. I hope I will able to harvest some this fall, for the first time. 06-30-2022 裏庭に植えてある富有柿に、小さな実がいくつもついているのに気がつきました 実がならなくてもいっか~、と思っていた矢先だったので 嬉しくて、せっせと水やりしています P.S. 7月5日付け「Happy Forth!」の他に、もうひとつ「Reflections」もアップし…

  • Happy Forth!

    Happy Forth of July! 07-04-2022 今日7月4日は、アメリカの独立記念日

  • Reflections

    Reflections on surface of this deep blue lake. Crater Lake N.P. 06-26-2022 紺碧の湖面は、まるで鏡のよう クレーターレイク国立公園

  • Reflections

    Reflections on surface of this deep blue lake. Crater Lake N.P. 06-26-2022 紺碧の湖面は、まるで鏡のよう クレーターレイク国立公園

  • American Robin's Fledgling

    While watering my front yard, I noticed continuous bird call near by. After looking around, I found a fledgling sitting underneath a parked car and calling parents. I looked around again to find its parent(s.) Sure enough, there were two American Robins flying near by. Oregon, 06-27-2022 夕方、庭の水やりをして…

  • Western Pasqueflower (Anemone occidentalis)

    While enjoying breathtaking view of the deep blue lake, I happened to look down. What I found was this beauty quietly sitting and blooming on this rocky ground. Her name is Western Psqueflower, or Anemone occidentalis. Crater Lake N.P. 06-26-2022 紺碧の湖に見惚れ、感動のため息をつきながらふと下を向いたら こんなかわいい子たちが、静かに風に揺れていまし…

  • Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel at Crater Lake N.P.

    こんなに遠くにいたのに あっという間にすぐそこまで バックには紺碧の湖 Taking photos of Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel is a quite challenge. They dart here and ther, so as soon as I find them, they are gone! When two of them start chasing each other, they seem to run at double the speed. Crater Lake N.P. 06-26-2022 キンイロジリスは、とにかくすばしっこ…

  • Crater Lake National Park

    この週末、オレゴン南部の街、アッシュランドへ行く機会に恵まれたので 帰りに、そこから車で東へ2時間のところにある、クレーターレイク国立公園に立ち寄りました This view literally took my breath away.... How vivid and beautiful this blue is... My hubby and I came here about 20 years ago, so this was our second visit, but we can definitely say this was the best. Crater Lake Nation…

  • Raccoon in My Backyard

    ほぼ毎日お邪魔するブログで「アライグマ」という言葉が出て おー、そうだ!・・・と思い出しました ロードトリップから戻った数日後、うちの裏庭にアライグマが来ました まだ子供なのかな・・・ 毛並みもよく、きれいで、健康そうな子でした また遊びにおいでね~

  • Sandhill Crane Colts

    次の日、また同じ場所へ行ってみると お母さんの背中にヒナがいました・・・! 向かい合って小さな羽根をバタバタさせるヒナたち ヒナが食べるのを手伝う父鳥 お腹がいっぱいになったヒナたちは、また暖かいお母さんの羽根の中へ 一羽がもぐりこむと・・・ 2羽めもすぐ見えなくなりました Next day, I returned the same spot, hoping to find Sandhill Crane's colts.Sure enough, I was lucky to see them, eating, playing and hiding back to mom's warm feat…

  • Sandhill Crane in Grand Teton

    カナダヅルのお父さん お母さんの背中にちらっと見える薄茶が、ひなです 周囲が安全かチェックする父親 One of wildlife on my first day at Grand Teton National Park, A pair of Sandhill Crane. Watchers told me they have two colts. Only I saw was color of light brown on mother's back. Grand Teton National Park 05-27-2022 グランド・ティトンに着いた日に出会った、子育て中のカナダヅルのペア…

  • Mountain Bluebird

    I was watching mama Moose at a popular viewing spot. Then I noticed people were pointing their cameras at opposit direction. I couldn't tell what they were watching, so I asked. Answer was: Mountain Bluebird perched on a pole. After two years of hiatus, my favorite bule bird welcomed me very first e…

  • River Flooding is Part of Nature

    すっかり間が空きました 6月12日未明からイエローストーン国立公園北部とその周辺で、大雨による大規模な川の氾濫が発生して、13日には公園の5つある入り口すべてが閉鎖されるという異常な事態になり、行ったばかりの場所が大きな被害を受けていることに動揺して、ブログの更新ができませんでした Due to news about severe damages done by unprecedented rainfall in North Yellowstone area, I have been very upset and busy collecting all informatoin about th…

  • Badger Mama and Her Baby

    A great encounter comes out of nowhere. I found a small group of men waiting for a badger baby pops up from his den.I joined them, talked stories while waiting for about one hour... Here he and his mom came! It was so wounderful to see this adorable young interacts with his gentle mom. At Lamar Vall…

  • Windmill Farm

    ご無沙汰しました 2週間ほど、ロードトリップに出ていて、昨日、家に戻ったところです これからしばらくは、旅で撮った写真をアップします Windmill Farm in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon 06-07-2022 風の強いコロンビア渓谷に並び立つ、おびただしい数の風力発電のタービン これまでに何度も見ているのに、見るたびに興奮します

  • Lil Flowers at Craters of The Moon National Monument

    Little flowers bloom and survive in lava field. 05-26-2022 アイダホの溶岩の中で咲く、小さな花たち

  • Lil Flowers at Craters of The Moon National Monument

    Little flowers bloom and survive in lava field. 05-26-2022 アイダホの溶岩の中で咲く、小さな花たち

  • Lupine

    My front yard must be perfect fit for thses lupines. These grew from a packet of mixed perennial seeds I planted two years ago. 05-25-2022 2年前に播いた種から、見事に育ったルピナス 苗買うとけっこう高いので、嬉しい

  • My kids I'm Leaving Behind...

    I hope these flowers and vegetables will survive during my road trip. 05-17-2022 この子たちを置いて、2週間近く留守にするのは後ろ髪引かれるけれど そんなこといってたら、どこへも行けん 辛抱して待っててね

  • Air Show 2022

    All female pilots from U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy and femal civilian pilots flew for Oregon International Airl Show in May 2022. So much excitement from deafening rumbles of fighter Jet and their precisive performances. 05-22-2022 耳をつんざく轟音と共に、あっという間に飛び去るジェット戦闘機 うーん、カッコイイ! 2日続けて満喫しました

  • Lesser Goldfinch

    Lesser Goldifnch came to my plants on our sidewalk garden and pecking it. One step closer to my dream of offering edible garden for both wildlife and human. 05-17-2022 家の前の歩道に、何か動くモノが・・・ よく見ると、黄色っぽい小鳥がうちの歩道脇に生えている植物をついばんでいます 小鳥は、ヒメキンヒワでした 2年くらい前に種を播いた多年草を、野鳥が食べにくる うれしいなぁ・・・

  • Rainbow Eggs

    Colorful reward for a cat sitter is a dozen of Rainbow Eggs. As colorful as Easter eggs, they sure taste good. 05-17-2022 キャットシッターの余禄 週一回配達される生みたて卵です そのまんまイースターエッグになりそうなほど、カラフル 黄身の高さも、さすが生みたて

  • Snuggle Bug Attack

    Cheeto is always so happy when I visit him. Every visit, he jumps on me and nuzzles so hard onto my face, so I have to tell him "Okay, enough! Stop it, Cheeto!" I took these photos over my head, just to see what happens. It came out quite well. You can feel his excitment, right? 05-16-2022 キャットシッターを…

  • Cheeto

    Let me introduce a kitty who were watching us through the frosted windowpane. His name is Cheeto. Obviously he was named after American popular snack "Cheetos." Although Cheeto is still a kitten whose first birthday will be in August, he is quite heavy and active cat. It is always fun to watch a you…

  • Don't Go...!

    Looking back after shutting and locking the front door, I found him watching us through the frosted windowpane... poor boy wants to come with us. Good boy, I will be back tomorrow morning. 05-16-2022 後ろ髪を引かれるなぁ・・・ こんなことされると また明日来るからね

  • Honu and Catmint

    Honu enjoying sunbathing and meditating with catmint bush in last spring. I wonder when this catmint will start blooming this year... 05-31-2021 キャットミントの茂みで、もの思うホヌ 今年はいつ咲き始めるのかな・・・

  • Late Bloomers

    After over 20 camellia flowers bloomed at once and fell, two little buds have been left behind. They are for sure beautiful late bloomers. 05-12-2022 20以上の花が一気に咲いて、すべて落花した後に 硬いつぼみだった残りの2輪が、ずいぶん遅れて開花しました 咲けてよかったね

  • Berries

    ストロベリー#1 ストロベリー#2 ストロベリー#3 "Hood" ブルーベリー ラズベリー 今年の我が家のベリーラインナップ 3つめのストロベリー、フッド(Hood)は、今年初めて苗をひとつ買ってみました フッドストロベリーは、この辺りで採れる、実が中まで真っ赤な人気の品種です 傷つきやすく遠距離輸送には向いていないので、産地近くでしか手に入りません 収穫時期も2週間程度と短くて、うっかりすると食べ損なうことも

  • Hanging Baskets

    This year, I made two hanging baskets, one is filled with petunia and another with fuchsia, which should attract hummingbirds. Since no flowers yet, a hummer came to drink from my feeder. Can you see her? 05-11-2022 今年は、ペチュニアとフクシャ、2つのハンギングバスケットを作りました フクシャはもっぱらハミングバードのためです まだ花が咲いていないバスケットにさしてあるフィーダーに…

  • Morning Colors Rose

    I've been waiting for this day, the day my rose starts blooming. This years first blossum is "Morning Colors Rose." Fragrant single petal rose attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. 05-11-2022 待ちに待ったばらの開花 今年一番最初に花を咲かせたのは、鉢植えの一重咲き「モーニング・カラーズ」(Morning Colors Rose) でした

  • House Finch

    I found a male house finch perched on the fence that is two houses away from us. He looked healthy and flew away right after these photos were taken. 05-04-2022 2軒先の裏庭の塀にとまっていたメキシコマシコの雄 この子は、健康そうです 具合の悪そうなメキシコマシコは、結局、捕まえることができませんでした

  • Oregon Beach Bill

    当時の写真 (Oregon History Projectから転載) Thanks to Oregon Beach Bill passed in 1967, all beaches on Oregon Coast are public land and provide free access to public. Such a great treasure preserved for Oregonians and visitors from out of state and all over the world. Gleneden Beach 05-03-2022 1967年にオレゴン州議会で…

  • World's Smallest Harbor

    A bridge over the world's smallest harbor at Depoe Bay. A song sparrow sings out loud against a backdrop of the bridge. Depoe Bay 05-03-2022 世界で一番小さな港にかかる橋 橋をバックにさえずるウタスズメ デポベイで

  • Maritime Plants

    Towns on Oregon Coast, such as Depoe Bay are on Maritime Climate. They enjoy cooler summers and milder winters, different from ones in Willamette Valley. So do plants on the coast. Depoe Bay 05-03-2022 オレゴンコースト沿岸の気候は、内陸部とは少し異なります そのせいで育つ植物や咲く時期も、内陸部とは微妙に違うそうです 最後の花は、野生のばらにみえますが・・・

  • Song Sparrow on The Coast

    Hoping to spot mother whale with her calf who travel north at the end of their migration season, we headed down to Depoe Bay. Unfortunately, no luck for whales but rythmical songs of this Song Sparrow let turn my head around. Depoe Bay, Oregon 05-03-2022 アラスカへ向かって最後に北上しているはずの、お母さんクジラと子クジラに会いたいな~、と願っ…

  • Spring for $1.99

    Every spring, Trader Joes sells "spring" for $1.99. Super great deal I can't miss during still-dark-wet-end of winter time. How many times I bought them this spring... I can't remember. March & April 2022 水仙の季節は、もう終わりましたが 今年も何度も買ってきて、飾りました まだまだ暗くて雨模様の日が続く中 トレーダージョーズで、一束1.99ドルで買える春です

  • May Day Is Lei Day

    In Hawaii, May Day is Lei Day. Giving a lei is a part of everyday life in Hawaii and I love this tradition. After moving to the mainland, I've made some leis for friends' birthdays, mainly with carnations. Wish they still had spicy scent like old ones. April and July in 2012 ハワイでは、5月1日のMay Dayは、Lei …

  • Dart In, Dart Out

    Everything hummingbird does is swift. She darts into my field of vision, has some nector from the feeder while hovering. Then she perches on a dead plant and starts grooming herself. When it's done, she took some more nector, then darts out from my view. 04-19-2022 裏庭にやってくる常連のハミングバード ホバリングも毛づくろいも、何も…

  • Curled Up Buddies

    Honu and Ginger curled up side by side on my bed. Nothing special, ordinary every day life brings me a peace of mind and comfort. 05-01-2021 ホヌとジンジャーが一緒に丸まっている 何も特別なことはない いつもの風景 安心するよね

  • Blooms From Last Spring

    ラズベリーの花 生き残れなかったカーネーション 一年草のプランター シカゴピースのつぼみ クリーピングタイム Looks like everything in my yard has been growing a bit slow this year.Prabably, the reason is weather... Annual plants I purchased in early April still sit in front of entrance door. 04-30-2021 去年の写真を見ると、今年は植物の成長が去年より遅いです ラズベリーもクリーピングタイムもシカゴピース…

  • Cat Balls

    Honu and Ginger curled up on my bed. This view brings me joy and happiness every single time. 04-22-2022 ベッドの上で、くるんと丸まったにゃんず いつ見ても可愛らしくて、幸せな気持ちにしてくれる眺め

  • The Aftermath of The Wildfire In 2020

    温泉リゾートの入り口 駐車場の脇 リゾートの敷地内 リゾートから主要道への林道で For the fist time since the worst wildfire in 2020, Oregon, we visited that area to stay in Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort. All familiar forest were gone. We felt as if we were visiting somewhere we have never been to. 04-25-2022 2020年9月に大規模な山火事が燃え拡がった地域を、山火事…

  • Sharing My Pillow

    Every night, I share my pillow with Honu to sleep. Touching his soft fur and feeling his warmess are better than sleeping pills. 04-22-2022 ホヌと私は、毎晩、こんなふうに枕を分け合って眠りにつきます 至福のひととき・・・

  • Persian Buttercup

    Persian buttercup (Ranunculus) is one of my favorite flowers. Sadly, its thin stem teends to give way to weight of flowers with so many petals. When that happens, I cut it and put it into a smaller vase to appreciate its beauty. 04-22-2022 ラナンキュラスも、昔から大好きな花です 残念なのは、お花の重みに華奢な茎が耐えられずに、折れてしまうところ 地植えだった…

  • Fairies in The Woods

    Trillium's season will be ending soon. See you next spring, lovely fairies in the woods. 04-06-2021 エンレイソウの季節も、そろそろ終わりに近づいてきました また来年ね、森の妖精さん

  • Bewick's Wern in 2021

    Every spring, a little Bewick's Wern's rhythmical penetrating love song echos throughout this small woods. His song is so beautiful, Im always enchanted and stop to listen to it. 04-06-2021 近所の小さな自然公園で、雑木林に響き渡るリズミカルなさえずり 私の大好きな、小さなシロハラミソサザイです 今年はまだ一度しか聞いていません 散歩に行こう

  • Doze in the Sun

    Cured up together, cats peacefully dozing off in the sun. 04-10-2021 仲良しこよしで、ひなたぼっこ

  • House Finch with Mycoplasma Conjunctivitis

    I found a male House Finch who stays on the feeder for a long time and doesn't fly away even I get closer. Also, something doesn't look right around his eyes. I contacted Portland Audubon and was told to catch it and bring it into their Wildlife Care Center. I hope I can can catch him. 04-18-2022 最近…

  • Stay Home, Save Lives

    It was a quite shock for me to find this sinage on Hyways in 2020. It's been two years since then. 04-03-2020 2020年4月、コロナのパンデミックが始まった当初の電光掲示板 これを初めて見た時は、なんとも言えない気持ちになりました あれからもう2年

  • Neko Ball

    Here is Gnger who became a "Neko Ball"... 04-14-2022 ぎゅうっと丸まって眠る、ジンジャー こうなっている姿を、我が家では "Neko Ball"(ネコボール=猫玉?)と呼んでいます

  • Mourning Dove

    An elegant mourning dove came to my backyard. A pair of them seems to live in this neighborhood. 04-03-2020 どうやらこの近所に住んでいるらしいナゲキバト つがいで仲良く枝にとまっているのを時々見かけます

  • Mourning Dove


  • Sleeping Pal

    Although Ginger and Honu are not siblings, they are always good pals, especially when they are taking catnaps... 04-08-2022 カメラが起動する音で目を覚まして、私だと確認し、また眠りに落ちるジンジャー 後ろでホヌはずーっと寝てる

  • Bloom One After Another

    This year, our backyard camellia has started a bit late. I counted over 20 flower buds and they have been blooming one after another. Now first several flowers fell from the tree. 04-08-2022 咲き始めるのが遅かった、今年の我が家のつばき 数えてみたら、つぼみは20個以上ついていて あっという間に次々花開き、最初の幾輪かは、もう落花しました

  • Gracie Girl

    ハロウィンの時 パソコンのお伴 柔らかな薄茶色の胸元 外猫をチェック中 ホヌと一緒に 虹の橋を渡る数日前、大好きな裏庭で Gracie, our older girl earned her wings on April 13, 2020, just after this pandemic has started. She was 17. I still have a hard time to look photos of her fainal days. Gracie loved to greet people, to be petted and she was a some foodie. …

  • The Pacific Ocean

    Waves lapping onto the shore, again and again... Pacific Ocean... this ocean connects to Japan. Cannon Beach 04-13-2021 この海、絶え間なく打ち寄せる波が、日本へつながっている

  • フクシャ・サタデー 2022

    無料でいれてくれた土 It's the time of Fucsia Saturday at Fred Meyer! I bought one large resin pot, several annual plants and three cherry tomato plants for over $70. Store staff will fill your pots with Black Gold potting soil, including pots you brought from home. That is nice. Pre-Pandemic, store staff plan…

  • Honu in The Sun #2

    Honu sunbathing on the stairs. I can see his 'grandpa face' here... love you to the moon and back. 04-09-2022 陽だまりのホヌ こういう時は、なぜかちょっぴりおじいちゃん顔 大好きよ・・・ホヌボーイ



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