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  • Infinite Dendrogram Episode 12 Impression

    On this episode, Franklin continues to cause more destruction after Ray's battle. Later, Shuicihi and more allies intervene.Man, Franklin is just getting more and more annoying with his monsters. Also, it was nice to see Shuicihi finally reveal his true abilities and along some allies. Other than that, I hope our male lead can finish off Franklin. Now what's going to happen next? I can't wait to f...

  • Arknights April Fools 2020 Moment

    For this year's April Fools, Arknights EN and JP Twitter claims that Rhodes Island got hijacked by Reunion after the announcement of the

  • Isekai Quartet 2 Episode 12 Final Impression

    On this episode, a small group of classmates battles the Mobile Fortress Destroyer. Meanwhile, the others continue their play.So the Mobile Fortress Destroyer action is cool and different from the previous Mobile Fortress Destroyer. Also, it was hilarious to see Ram being Cinderella and Rem being the Prince. Although, the whole Cinderella play became

  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Episode 25 Impression

    On this episode, the Arks fight Profound Darkness' forces. Meanwhile, Ash battles Profound Darkness Matoi and Persona observes them.The finale battle is very awesome and darkly intense since the Council of Six struggled to hold. Also, seeing Ash fight the Profound Darkness corrupted Matoi is pretty cool. Other than that, the ending is really nice and sad at the same time because of Persona's int...

  • One Step From Eden on Steam

    Recently, One Step From Eden got released on Steam. The game is a rogue-like deck builder RPG about a girl named Saffron adventuring in a post-war world. It's also inspired by games like Mega Man Battle Network. Price is $19.99 or ¥2157.22. For more details, check out the store page. Here's a trailer.Steam: Website:

  • Granblue Fantasy 2 Djeeta-hen Episode Impression

    On this episode, Djeeta's crew starts their Wish Egg trials and meets a little girl named Myra. Later, they face some challenges with Myra's assistance. So this is basically another adventure of geared Djeeta which the first season did. It was just hilarious to see Beatrix being stubborn as ever and causes more unnecessary problems. Also, I liked how Djeeta and her crew became quick friends with M...

  • Somali to Mori no Kamisama Episode 12 Final Impression

    On this episode, Golem becomes berserk and attempts to fully eliminate the human hunters. Later, Golem starts recovering and visits a town festival with Somali. Oh my gosh, the finale is just very heart warming to the end. It was fantastic to see how Somali became brave to stop Golem from being berserk. Also, the town festival moments is pretty relaxing to watch. Other than that, the near ending ...

  • Infinite Dendrogram Episode 11 Impression

    On this episode, Lucius fights Yuri with his calculations. Later, Ray battles Franklin and learns about a previous incident.It was satisfying to see Lucius outsmart Yuri and even find out that he's a girl. Also, the battle between Ray and Franklin is pretty cool due to a bunch of twisted counters. Other than that, I've been finding the female villains in male bodies to be quite annoying and cunnin...

  • Bofuri Episode 12 Final Impression

    On this episode, the Maple Tree guild faces against Payne and his Order of the Holy Sword guild. Later, they wipe out the other guilds. So the action finale is adorably fantastic. I actually liked how Maple seems to be

  • Isekai Quartet 2 Episode 11 Impression

    On this episode, the school festival starts and the Mobile Fortress Destroyer appears. Later, the class begins their play.Wow, I was a bit shocked to see Seiya and Ristarte make a short appearance. But, it's a bit unfortunate that Seiya is overly cautious to interact with the school. Also, the play scenes against the Mobile Fortress Destroyer is quite cool. Other than that, I wonder if Seiya and ...

  • Arknights Talulah vs Ch'en Cosplay Battle

    Recently, a group of cosplayers uploaded a video featuring Talulah and Ch'en battling each other with Doctor's involvement. It also has some interesting special effects. Here's the video....

  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Episode 24 Impression

    On this episode, the Arks get orders to eliminate the corrupted Matoi. Later, Ash and his friends does some planning to save Matoi.So it was interesting to see Xiao commence his plan to destroy Matoi, but reveals he's more emotionally open compared to Xion. Also, I liked how Ash still doesn't give up and his friends came for his support one by one. Other than that, I hope the Arks can save Matoi i...

  • Darwin's Game Episode 11 Impression

    On this episode, Kaname decides to declare a full clan battle and eliminate the entire Eighth clan. Meanwhile, Shuka does a duel against Wang. Wow, the finale battle is nicely action packed because Kaname finally decides to become serious due to his friend's death. Also, it was quite satisfying to see Shuka beat up Wang. Other than that, the near ending is cool since the Sunset Ravens started thei...

  • Somali to Mori no Kamisama Episode 11 Impression

    On this episode, Somali does gift giving to Golem and plays with her friends. Later, they attempt to escape from the human hunters to protect Somali.So it was way too heart warming to see Somali give her present to Golem and does some snow ball fighting with Shizuno. Also, I find the human hunters chasing our female lead to be really dark because of their evil hatred against humans. Other than tha...

  • Infinite Dendrogram Episode 10 Impression

    On this episode, Nagisa faces against Veldorbell. Later, Ray encounters Hugo's hostility and fights Franklin. Okay, I sadly got bored again from seeing Nagisa's battle and her lame backstory. But, I did find Hugo's backstory and other action scenes to be decent. Anyway, as I previously mentioned before, some of these fillers doesn't belong to a limited 13 episodes adaptation unless the limitation ...

  • Arknights Kaguya-sama Meme

    Recently, a fan uploaded a Kaguya-sama anime scene featuring Doctor talking with Silver Ash about Kal'tsit. Here's the video....

  • Bofuri Episode 11 Impression

    On this episode, Maple's party faces against Mii's party. Later, Payne attacks the Maple Tree guild. The battle between Maple's party and Mii's party is awesome. Also, I liked how Maple attempts to hide her mecha trump card and then gets forced to use it against Mii. Although, I'm starting to somehow find Mii to be a

  • Isekai Quartet 2nd Season Episode 10 Impression

    On this episode, the school prepares for their upcoming festival next week. Later, a mysterious threat sabotages some structures. So it's cool to see the school prepare for another festival. Also, there some really hilarious hostile interactions which is just awesome. An example is Naofumi's and Shalltear's conversation. Other than that, I liked how Rem pressures Aqua to work and some more Death K...

  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Episode 23 Impression

    On this episode, Ash and Matoi learns about their true origins from Luther. Later, they face against Gemini after escaping.It was very interesting to see Luther reveal everything to Ash and Matoi with Xion's involvement. Also, the battle between our main duo and Gemini is cool. Other than that, the near ending is just saddening and I hope Ash can do something about it. Now what's going to happen n...

  • Darwin's Game Episode 10 Impression

    On this episode, the Sunset Ravens clan attempts to rescue Kaname's friend from Wang. Meanwhile, the police attacks the Eight clan.Wow, this plot got really dark because of Wang's revenge against Kaname. Also, seeing the police force getting slaughtered was expected since they're not sigil users. Other than that, the near ending is kinda saddening and I hope our male lead can fully defeat Wang. No...

  • Celebrating My Birthday 2020 with Coronavirus

    So today is my Birthday once again. But, it's unfortunately timed with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and it's my worse Birthday ever. (Although, I don't think I'm infected.). Anyway, thank you for being a fan of Supaku Blog!...

  • Somali to Mori no Kamisama Episode 10 Impression

    On this episode, Golem reveals his origin with Somali to Shizuno. Later, Shizuno babysits Somali while Golem and Yabashira does their bodyguard work. I've been wondering about how Golem and Somali met each other and then they finally revealed their origin. It was just as adorable as their current adventures. Also, it was actually nice to see Shizuno babysitting Somali and especially since they've ...

  • Infinite Dendrogram Episode 9 Impression

    On this episode, Ray and the rookies counter attacks against Franklin's forces. Meanwhile, Nagisa attempts to rescue the princess from Franklin. So it's awesome to see Ray and the other rookies fight and surprise the enemy high level players. Also, I liked how Nagisa's relationship with the princess got revealed and her own true identity. Other than that, I hope Franklin will be defeated soon. Now...

  • Bofuri Episode 10 Impression

    On this episode, the Maple Tree guild continues to attack and defend separately against bigger guilds. Later, Maple reinforces her struggling members. I was somewhat expecting to see the Maple Tree guild fight the other guilds easily. But, they actually struggled and Maple has to reinforce some of then which is interesting. Other than that, it was pretty much all cool guild PvP action. Now what's ...

  • The Terrible Arknights EN Ads

    For some reason, I did not encounter watching the Arknights EN ads or even Arknights JP ads on YouTube until I actually did some searching for them. I really got to say that I agree with the EN players' opinions that the Arknights EN ads are mostly terrible. Here's two existing examples. I find these ads to be basically

  • Isekai Quartet 2 Episode 9 Impression

    On this episode, Filo gets tasked to ask for everyone's suggestions for the play theme. Meanwhile, Beatrice and Fiore has a discussion. Aww, it was very adorable to see Filo innocently ask everyone about their play theme suggestions. Also, it was funny to see Lupusregina attempt to fill Filo's mind with her made-up dark stories. Other than that, Beatrice's and Fiore's interaction together is nice....

  • Top 5 Favorite Meme/Parody Videos for Arknights EN Fanmade Video Contest

    Today, Yostar has uploaded the Fanmade Video Contest participants' videos on the official Arknights EN YouTube channel. Also, they mentioned a disclaimer for each video description.*The video may contain source materials from the game Arknights and Web. The video only represents the author’s perceptions.As a side note, a lot of those videos were actually uploaded before the official channel upload...

  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Episode 22 Impression

    On this episode, Ash meets his revealed future version and investigates more on saving Matoi. Later, their Arks ship gets attacked by the Dark Falz. So it's very interesting to see Ash meeting his revealed future version and think up his plans to save Matoi. Also, the Dark Falz attack against another Arks ship is really dark. Other than that, I was a bit surprised that Luther appears once again. ...

  • Darwin's Game Episode 9 Impression

    On this episode, Kaname does a friendly duel against Danjou. Later, Xuelan kidnaps Kaname and the Sunset Ravens attempts to rescue him.The friendly duel action is pretty cool. Also, seeing Xuelan randomly appear and kidnap Kaname is nicely intense. Other than that, I'm finding our male lead to be really awesome each time he faces a big challenge. He seems to be similar to Fate series Archer EMIYA,...

  • Arknights Cover Girls

    Today, a YouTuber named DAIRIN created a MAD video about Arknights memes. Here's the video.Also, the person happens to be the same creator for the Girls' Frontline dorm and let's jam videos that garnered 100k+ views since last year....