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〜Are these sentences right?〜




  • 先人たちに最敬礼かも、です。

    そうです、それそれ。そうなんですよ。 私が人生のほぼ大半を占めていた凝り固まった…思想という …まぁ…思想などと大層な言葉もなんですが。 ずっと味わって来たような気がする、不公平感とか思い。 それなん

  • 正しくても言ってはいけない事、言ってはいけない時

    それは分かっているつもりでも。 どうしてだろう?どうして言ってはいけないのか? 言わなければ傷つけずに済むからか。 相手が自ら気が付くまでは言ってもいけないのか。

  • いやはや

    そう言われましても、止まらぬ怒りといいますか。 それでも良い人とは言われたいな、と思ってはおります。

  • 幻の小男(おとこ)

    BitterHouse には当然管理者が存在している。 管理責任者といわれており管理する責任があるという。 「何か困っている事はないですか?」 時々そう言葉を発するが、常日頃我々は「人手が足りない。」と訴えて

  • バリスタ

    今まではスティックコーヒーで済ませていたのですが、 買ってしまいました(^^♪ でも・・セカンドストリート様で、ですけどね。つまりどなたかのお下がりで。 実は職場にはあったりするので購入までは・・・と

  • Tの薫り

    職場には、コーヒーホリックの人ばかりではなく 「Tea」つまり紅茶を飲まれる人もおりまして・・・ その前にコーヒーホリックなんて言葉は当然なくて勝手に書いてしまい a caffeineaholic カフェイン中毒 

  • ってことで。

    テンプレート:にわとりおやこ 【Yozuca's Daladaland♪since 2004】 実は英語練習Diary★~is this sentences right?~ は終了ってことか・・・な?

  • I'm return ! ! ...... reborn Me ???

    大袈裟・・・。好きでブログ書いていた頃に戻った? いやぁ・・・いつ以来なの?これ。面白いわ。 アップしない間の出来事は面倒に感じなければ割りと書けるかな。 英語も以来勉強してるけど上達しないな。 でも

  • How about ask ...

    I will never forget one thing "this feeling" You ready to go the future, don't you? We must come closer each other. There's a key that we make to break the stuck. I've found breaker. Am I

  • As usuall ... Coffee Break?

    I don't know how to say in English ... I'm thinking everytime. I have a bad feeling that. I found something here for everyone or me. I don't know why, but I'm feeling happy. We have long long ...

  • Are you useful person, right?

    Hey!! Long time no see, everyone. How was enjoyed your living? A once in a while do hard time, so you shuld. It is happy time only to drink coffe for me. By the way I've been study English self-ed

  • Drunk? What … ? Wine.

    I'm drinking wine. Is it Beaujolais Nouveau? In fact, that's NOT right. I'm drinking a low grade wine. Beaujolais Nouveau is not expensive, either. Yes, I'm getting a good feeling, so that's al

  • It is safe to say that …

    Today, I had a physical checkup. Urinalysis, Blood test, Electrocardiogram, X ray of the chest, and medical examination interview. That's the problem point. My blood pressure is high, recentl

  • Who is kind to the next door … I can't help doing.

    First thing …… before that I was talking about talking in sleep … clearly. Why was that understood? Why do I know that? That's because I have woken up by my talking in sleep. why that ?? … becau

  • I'm home!

    In fact, I had gone out for the travel of place of work until just now. Travel ?? Although it is only an overnight stay. Rather assignment … than travel… but I was able to enjoy myself. Is ev

  • Are you playing the Internet?

    Hi. Have you been. Did everybody use the Internet as ususal? I'm writing my blog after an interbal of half a month. How come ? Umm…….. In fact…. It's … for saving of the internet charge. Altho

  • Thank you for all !

    I'm full …because I ate KFC … huuuu after a long time. Today is my birthday. I must eat the birthday cake … but I'm fu full and It almost past over 9 o'clock… certainly grow fat. Toda

  • The Wedding Party finished with no problems.

    Truly, I have a headache … but I'm not a hangover. Anyway, the Wedding Party finished without incident. I have felt relieved. I'm dog tired … for further information…later. But, I talk just a b

  • I still like ...

    I have a bad sence of direction. I went to the departmentstore by my bicycle because a fuel cost is high. And moreover the bicycle which the coworker reconditioned with great difficulty. Thank

  • You never let him go.

    Would you repeat that "your eyes lovely" please? Don't be shy! I'm done … I made the dish of tomorrow's lunch box. Am I lazy? Or reliable person? But I have delivered newspaper in the morning.


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