• 読み手に伝わる文章を書くために

    Four principles to help non-native speakers of English write clearlyこちらは、北大の準教授の方が書いたペーパーですが、英語で技術文書を書く際に注意すべき点が簡潔にまとめられています。英語が専門ではないようですが、日本人学生の論文指導を通して得た経験からのアドバイスなんでしょうか。2コラムで3ページ程のペーパーなので、ご興味があればご一読を。ペーパー内で述べられている結論だけ以下に引用しますが、上の2...

  • MPEP 608.01(g) Detailed Description of Invention

    A detailed description of the invention and drawings follows the general statement of invention and brief description of the drawings. This detailed description, required by 37 CFR 1.71, MPEP §§ 608.01, 2161, and 2162, must be in such particularity as to enable any person skilled in the pertinent art or science to make and use the invention without involving extensive experimentation and must clea...

  • 貫通穴(孔)に方向はあるのだろうか。 (WO2018008216A1)

    【請求項1】 固定子と、 前記固定子に対して空隙を介して対向して設けられた回転子と、 前記回転子の回動状態を検出可能なエンコーダと、 を備え、 前記固定子及び前記回転子より内周側には、中空空間が設けられ、 前記エンコーダの少なくとも一部は、前記中空空間内に位置する、 モータ。 【請求項2】 前記回転子の回転軸と同軸に一端側から他端側へ貫通する貫通穴を備える、請求項1に記載のモータ。****...

  • MPEP 608.01(f): Brief Description of Drawings

    The Office of Patent Application Processing (OPAP) will review the specification, including the brief description, to determine whether all of the figures of drawings described in the specification are present. If the specification describes a figure which is not present in the drawings or lacks any drawings, and if the application, other than a design application, is filed on or after December 18...

  • MPEP 608.01(d): Brief Summary of Invention

    Since the purpose of the brief summary of invention is to apprise the public, and more especially those interested in the particular art to which the invention relates, of the nature of the invention, the summary should be directed to the specific invention being claimed, in contradistinction to mere generalities which would be equally applicable to numerous preceding patents. That is, the subject...

  • MPEP 608.01(c): Background of the Invention

    The Background of the Invention may (but is not required to) include the following parts:(1) Field of the Invention: A statement of the field of art to which the invention pertains. This statement may include a paraphrasing of the applicable Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) definitions. The statement should be directed to the subject matter of the claimed invention.(2) Description of the re...

  • 37 C.F.R. 1.52: Language, paper, writing, margins, read-only optical disc specifications

    (b) (6)  Other than in a reissue application or reexamination or supplemental examination proceeding, the paragraphs of the specification, other than in the claims or abstract, may be numbered at the time the application is filed, and should be individually and consecutively numbered using Arabic numerals, so as to unambiguously identify each paragraph. The number should consist of ...

  • MPEP 608.01: Specification

    Examiners should not object to the specification and/or claims in patent applications merely because applicants are using British English spellings (e.g., colour) rather than American English spellings. It is not necessary to replace the British English spellings with the equivalent American English spellings in the U.S. patent applications. Note that 37 CFR 1.52(b)(1)(ii) only requires the appli...

  • MPEP 606: Title of Invention

    The title of the invention should be placed at the top of the first page of the specification unless it is provided in the application data sheet. The title should be brief but technically accurate and descriptive and should contain fewer than 500 characters. The words listed below are not considered as part of the title of an invention, these words should not be included at the beginning of the ...


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