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27回 / 8日(平均23.6回/週)



  • ~資料づくりで忙しくなってきた~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~資料づくりで忙しくなってきた~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 Ohhh...I am holding lot of my job from a week ago. especially, to make for document of providing. this situation is gladly for me. by the way, I met up new client yesterday. that's why increased some my job. yesterday's interview was very nice with client. as my personal opinion. than

  • ~今日の仕事~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~今日の仕事~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 I tell everyone about today's working. In conclusion , I'll meet up 2 person in kanto area. one of 2 person was that I could get an appointment by call of sale. I think that any strategy can not beat actual action. we try to best! #英語独学 #英語ブログ #英語日記 #英会話初心者

  • ~都合よく使われる夫~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~都合よく使われる夫~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 yesterday, I 'was getting angry to my daughter. actually,the education policy is different of my wife. However, she is just using me in spot by spot. usually, we have argument each other but, she depend on me that she hold problem at that time. and then, my daughter will hate me. this situ

  • ~デイサービスの営業戦略セミナー開催~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~デイサービスの営業戦略セミナー開催~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 as I thought , to think is important. I don't know if I will try success about strategy of sales. also,this strategy's client is Nursing facility. I got informations by A questionnaire in advance. and , I gonna send the advertisement somewhere . thank you. #デイサービス営業戦略 #英語独学 #英語ブログ 

  • ~海外の副業はあたりまえか~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~海外の副業はあたりまえか~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 I have keep on taking an English lesson but, How difficult I was..yesterday's lesson. especially, I couldn't listen to talking conversation by teacher. I felt like difficulty English person by person. by the way, looks like ,Filipino work in side business. is it trend ? every work is s

  • ~本日2度目の日記~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~本日2度目の日記~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 unfortunately, my English diary was lost in today's morning. because, I've deleted by mistake.. so, I'll be write down to my site. these days, I met up various person. lot of introduced by other people. I think that we meet up it in add very tired. and, we have to choice that we should limi

  • ~習慣のつくり方~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 

    ~習慣のつくり方~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 there is person that can not keep on something in the world. how is it ? for example, ①English study ②diary ③Muscle training ④diet ⑤reading books ⑥running these is main. you have the reason that can't keep on it. In conclusion, you don't seriously about keep on it the important is your the g

  • ~パワハラする人とは~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 

    I was thinking about Power harassment person. they have lot of wrong impression to their self. it means, they have correct thinking in self ever. the thinking over the cross the line so much. as a result, they become harassmenter. but, there are person of notice that fact also. in spite of notice that fact ,keep on har

  • ~出会うならSNS~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~出会うならSNS~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 I met some business person in Tokyo yesterday. first,we were connected in SNS. the world will be convenience gradually. before ,we were unthinkable that we meet up people easily. doing something of new has stressful but, it's means we are advance every day. can you listen to my voice. to ad

  • ~思いの違い~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~思いの違い~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 good morning everyone! I have lot of thinking lately. it is... we have difference of feeling that who want to teach and was taught . sometime, we have difficulty there. because it is the human. human has emotion. most of the people's trouble is human relations. I think we should change to way

  • ~久しぶりに友人と再会~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~久しぶりに友人と再会~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 I met up important my friend in Tokyo. it was long time and the last time met her about 1 years ago. I couldn't notice to her situation but, she did job change lately something like that. she didn't change before and then she was beautiful women. actually, she also likes reading books tha

  • ~改めて僕の仕事を紹介します~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~改めて僕の仕事を紹介します~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 good morning there ! today, I'll introduce my job . actually, if I might have described already it before but.. let me describe about my job again. I work on two jobs since last august. the first job is Hospital consultant. this job is i am going to go to any hospital all of japan. and

  • ~歯科医院の新規OPENの見学~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~歯科医院の新規OPENの見学~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 Today's schedule are I gonna go dental clinic on Tokyo. I guess yesterday, I was invited by their clinic and then decided going. it will new open start to September. actually,going to there together with 2 people. We going there but that for not sales something. I rather go for make a

  • ~案件の依頼~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~案件の依頼~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 today also,I met up some business owners. one of 2 people is IT company employee. but he has responsibility position. he took the trouble to come from in Kyoto. I'll grateful him. he'd like to request of some work for me. but, I don't know I am going to accept it. because, i am holding some of

  • ~起業は難しい~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~起業は難しい~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 I think difficult of my business. yesterday, I was advised from company president. I understand said him. I'd like to work on sales job forever. in addition, not well first time anyone. we must think it always that How advanced self business. #ビジネスの難しさ #朝活 #英語ブログ #英語日記 #初心者英語

  • ~職務を全うする~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~職務を全うする~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 as my habit is I take a English lesson everyday. that time, I often was said that " How is a day ? " but, I can't answer against it. I still have to study lot of more. by the way , today, I will work of hospital job. I gonna send document to some hospital. and call to hospital before I vis

  • ~SNSマーケティング~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~SNSマーケティング~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 I' m learning the marketing by Youtube and since yesterday. In recent years, ”SNS" is becoming very popular in the world. I had not understand about SNS so far. However, we have to use good at command of "SNS". otherwise,we can't survive of life. #英語ブログ #初心者英語 #英語日記 #SNS #マーケティング

  • ~コンサルタントの義務と責任~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~コンサルタントの義務と責任~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 good morning. I was coming in Hokkaido from yesterday again. today also , I will support to some hospital. there are improve of management of hospital. that is us duty and responsibility. because, in japan hospital is decreasing patient and falling of profit. it's there are effect of

  • ~古いけど心地よいビジネスホテル~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~古いけど心地よいビジネスホテル~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 hi there ! I just woke up . and I will have breakfast now on. actually, yesterday' hotel was different from always. because, I couldn't reservation it. the famous hotel is fully booked every time. However, I couldn't stay there but, different hotel also was very nice . I felt like a

  • ~母親の言うことを聞かない~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~母親の言うことを聞かない~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 good morning everyone ! today's diary is about my children. they don't listen to mother said that, especially these days. my wife has some difficulty about it. I couldn't help her, actually there is it. elder daughter is strange lately when I am during business trip. that time she doesn

  • ~素晴らしい英語の先生との出会い~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~素晴らしい英語の先生との出会い~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 yesterday, I found best teacher in online English conversation. I can understand very nice what he spoke English word. he said that he has very interesting to japan. especially, Hokkaido. because of I visited in Hokkaido for my job. and i was telling it him. I had happy that time t

  • ~自由の難しさ~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~自由の難しさ~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 I'm thinking that I'm not really compatible with my wife.... we often argument small matter.. I was tired by this is. she don't like that my business. I don't know for the reason. I can say that one things. probably, I am using the time too much and free. However, I have to succeed for my bus

  • ~妻と大喧嘩~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~妻と大喧嘩~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 yesterday's night, my child got fever.. in addition, she's temperature 39 degrees.. she looks like bad body condition.. in the morning today, she has recovered little bit.I have relieved... just moment, I thought that "colona" to her. by the way, I and wife are a lot of big fighting these days

  • ~案件獲得は容易じゃない~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~案件獲得は容易じゃない~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 unfortunately, we were going to accept new proposition from some company but,I was break off. I think, I did my best offer but,couldn't no good. it is difficulty getting new business proposition. however, we don't give up. thank you. #英語 #英語ブログ #営業支援 #初心者英語

  • ~コロナじゃないよね~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~コロナじゃないよね~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 good morning there! I just got up early but, I have sore throat... I might gotten a coronavirus... that I wish to different it.. and to I think that I gonna business trip.. I have to cure to hurt of throat.. for tomorrow's business trip.. #英語 #英語ブログ #初心者英語 #英語日記

  • ~お金に働かせることの大切さ~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】

    ~お金に働かせることの大切さ~【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 good morning today. I'm going to business trip now on. I am reading the business book during train but, it was written very nice important. the book say that ”made money work ” the money is don't move and just material. I can't think so that made money work. I was surprised. do you cho

  • ~自身過剰が組織を混乱させる【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 

    【英会話の初心者が独学で英語ブログ】 ~自身過剰が組織を混乱させる~ I have problem to my job. it's personal relationship. if there bad personality person that is hard situation. especially, that is woman. she thought good performer herself but it is mistake. good performer employee will Cause confusion as sometime. I think that big problem that is she