Born in Japan. I work at high school. I like Aikido, walking, cycling, motorcycle touring, and photography. I hold a master’s degree in Applied Economics. I’m learning about Education now.

Yuki Notes

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Yuki Notes
31回 / 365日(平均0.6回/週)
Yuki Notes



  • The basic action

    Since today was a day off, I could have time to go practicing aikido. It was the first time in this year that I had been to Saturday mornin...

  • 85.7 percent

    At the begging of this fiscal year, I decided that I come to the office at Seven forty-five. In these past two weeks, my achievement ratio i...

  • The exam is over

    I have finished The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency for the first time in my life. I don't know what the result will be.

  • The second chapter

    The second chapter of my career as a teacher will start. There are three things I want to cherish. First, I come to the office at Seven fort...

  • Pulsation of the heart

    After returning from work, my wife showed me ultrasonography. She said that she saw the heartbeat of our child at the obstetrics and gyneco...

  • Transference

    I heard the notice of my job relocation next academic year. Although I was a little surprised, I'll look at the bright side. To tell the tru...

  • Promotion examination

    I took a promotion examination today. I think the result is terrible. They considered me not a team reader but only a worker. Although I am ...

  • Play the guitar

    I bought a compact guitar at the end of January. There is no special reason. I felt like, I want to enjoy music after a long time.

  • Independent learner

    I thought that I want to enter the graduate school of teacher education. I knew it is impossible, considering the probability of having a ch...

  • My former teacher

    Last night, I talked with a professor of my old school using Zoom, for the first time in more than 10 years. Although the main topic was abo...

  • Development for all directions

    I predict that my work and life style will change significantly over the next few years.  It's up to me, whether I will become independent l...

  • Reflection of 2020

    Today is the last day of 2020, so I have looked back on the year. There are five points I want to write. We talked about infertility treatm...

  • Sunday morning

    I make it a rule to go cafe to study every Sunday morning. It's a good habit for my future. I spent time together with my wife in the last ...

  • October

    An air of refreshing morning, a birdcall in the afternoon, remind me the rest of my life and things I should do.

  • Awareness

    I woke up early today. The time is most precious resources. I use it to make excellent career in my 40s.

  • Checking my mind

    I have to break through my present state. I need not compare myself to others. But I should be able to become great player.  It depends on ...

  • Sadness

    We had a sad experience this summer. Although her news of pregnant at the end of July, it was found from the result of the inspection, the e...

  • Review of my long walk

    I went on a trip for a week in summer vacation. Although my original plan was to travel the Fifty-three Stages on the Tokaido, actually I ha...

  • Heartbeat

    My wife was crying beyond the handset. She is worried about the results of that inspection. It is not good news and she is suffering alone. ...

  • The 7th day of walking-tour: from Mitsuke to Arai

    Good morning. This is today’s starting point. #東海道53次 #tokaido #walking #day7 — Yuki Mizutani (@yuki_mizutani...

  • The 6th day of walking-tour: from Fujieda to Kakegawa

    Good morning. This is today’s starting point. #東海道53次 #tokaido #walking #day6 — Yuki Mizutani (@yuki_mizutani) August 4, 2020 #東海道53...

  • The 5th day of walking-tour: from Yui to Fujieda

    Good morning. This is today’s starting point. #東海道53次 #tokaido #walking #day5 — Yuki Mizutani (@yuki_mizuta...

  • The 4th day of walking-tour: from Mishima to Yui

    Good morning. This is today’s starting point. #東海道53次 #tokaido #walking #day4 — Yuki Mizutani (@yuki_mizutani...

  • The 3rd day of walking-tour: from Odawara to Mishima

      This is today’s starting point. #東海道53次 #tokaido #walking #day3 — Yuki Mizutani (@yuki_mizutani) August 1, ...

  • The 2nd day of walking-tour: from Totshuka to Odawara

    It is today’s starting point. #東海道53次 #tokaido #walking #day2 — Yuki Mizutani (@yuki_mizutani) July 30, 20...

  • The 1st day of walking-tour: from Nihonbashi to Totshuka

    The day after the closing ceremony at our high school, I left on my trip. The purpose of this trip was to walk fifty-three stations on the T...

  • Plans for summer vacation

    I am going to walk Tokaido in summer vacation. It’s a journey around 500 kms, and the trip will take at least 13 days. I'll do it, because I...

  • Two months

    I have been little tired for the last two months with work. I am not used to this irregular lifestyle under the state of emergency. Without...