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Born in Japan. I work at high school. I like Aikido, walking, cycling, motorcycle touring, and photography. I hold a master’s degree in Applied Economics. I’m learning about Education now.

This is my private notebook.

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3回 / 16日(平均1.3回/週)



  • Home-made

    As influence of coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to stay at home. Thereby, my wife gave up schedule having a picnic under a cherry bloss...

  • Three tips of aikido

    The other day, a colleague from USA who good at martial arts taught me the important point of aikido. Although he said in Japanese, the cont...

  • Early morning awakening

    There are sign of early morning awakening in the past week.  I wake up in the middle of the night, specifically around three o'clock. In ...

  • Our child

    The other day, we talked about infertility treatment before going to sleep. To be honest, I feel like getting the treatment. I think I want...

  • Her birthday

    In this weekend, I did cooking for my wife’s birthday. The menu was pizza, marinated salmon, pickles and offal cooked in tomato. Those foods...

  • Recent concern

    I want to make school that protect student's life. The most important thing is to prevent the danger of life. I have to reduce the incide...

  • Pity

    your warmth satisfies me something for just the two of us feel happiness and sadness

  • To prevent infection

    I have an announcement to make. The corona-virus is going around in China. According to the newspaper, Japan, Thailand and South Korea hav...

  • Roll model

    There was a high school information session for junior high school students last Saturday. I would like to say thanks to volunteer members. ...

  • Earthquake

    Do you know what day today is? Today is the 25th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. You haven't been born yet at that time. ...

  • Early morning

    I started work at 6:30 and finished work at 18:15 today. Although I was little sleepy in the morning, a quiet school office was very comfort...

  • Two months

    We have only two months left until the end of 1st grade. I hope that you pass to the next grade. So please value your time, for example, eac...

  • Vast country

    I went to Hokkaido last week. It was a business trip of five days and four nights. Looking down on the ground from the window of the plane I...

  • Devotion

    I watched a documentary about the achievement by Tetsu Nakamura. Although he was a doctor, he devoted his life to supporting the sufferer ...

  • New Year’s greeting

    Good morning class. I’m little sad the holidays is over, but I’m happy I can see your face. The Hokkaido schooling starts from tomorrow. Hav...

  • To have fulfilling days of my 40s

    My New Year’s resolution is as follows. 【Health】 I practice aikido 6 times a month. I want to become 2nd-dan during 2022. To make my b...

  • Looking back on 2019

    This year have brought me a lot of changes. There are five things. I became a regular employee from April. I took charge of class for th...

  • My parent’s home

    I went to my parent's home with my wife yesterday. Although I could stay in my hometown only for a few hours, I ate a lot of yummy stuff t...

  • One to one

    The small comment by my student hurt me. I felt distinct malice. I think educator must be open-minded. But practically, it’s difficult to re...

  • Failure at work

    I am ashamed to say, I did poor attitude to student’s guardian on the phone. It was like a complaint handling. Although I should not got emo...

  • Proper distance

    I went to the dojo of aikido two times in this week. I practiced how to reaction to “striking side of head” and “straight stab”. The importa...

  • Promise

    She gets angry that I break my promise. I think it is little things in most cases. For example, doing the dishes, putting rice into a contai...

  • Black belt of aikido

    I became 1st-dan of aikido in August this year. When I tied my black belt for the first time, I felt very happy. I want to try even harde...

  • Good sleep

    Although it was a busy week, I had a deep sleep last night. Getting enough sleep made my condition good. So, I was able to have a enjoyabl...

  • Her eyes

    My married life is fun. The time that we spend together are irreplaceable to me. I think it is difficult to know oneself though, when I g...

  • Surprised

    One autumn evening, I took my wife for a ride on my motorcycle. This was my first experience riding double. The purpose of our drive was to ...

  • Three months

    This year will end in 3 months too. Looking back on this year, I realized that some of my bucket list came true. First, single life was o...