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  • Nature at Work

    In this week, “nancy merill” posted Nature at Work. It reminds me these pictures taken in September 23, 2014. A swallowtail butterfly hovered over cluster-amaryllises near the Buddhist …

  • Cherry trees still blossoming

    Today, I have been to the new park that is about 1km away from my house. The above tweet is linked to my Japanes post. There are the other photos.If you are interested, do not hesitate telling me t…

  • Colorful autumn near my house

    These pictures were taken in a park near my house and Yagiri Station, the last Sunday. I like this park, very much.

  • Not eruption, but Diamond

    We, Japanese, call ‘Diamond Fuji’ the sunset beyond the summit of Mt.Fuji. In 25th Novmber 2019, It could be seen at the left bank of Edo River in Nagareyama, Japan. The Sun Setting bey…

  • reflections of blossoms

    These pictures were taken in May 2nd, 2017 at Ashikaga flower park, Tochigi, Japan. We could see the various blossoms were reflecting on the ponds. This post is my reply to ‘Reflecting’…

  • Happy new year! From Japan

    These pictures were taken near Kōnodai Station in Japan. Mt.Fuji and Tokyo Sky Tree can be seen. They were shone by the last sunrise in 2016. This post is my contribution to ‘Resilient’…

  • A shrine with thatched roofs

    These pictures were taken near Takahama station, August, 2014. It is said that the shrine was founded about one thousand years ago. In those day, Japanese roof was thatched. This post is my respons…

  • Where are the blossoms ?

    Japanese clovers (hagi) bloom in September. In Kairaku-en,which is very famous garden in Japan, the trees had been floodlit from September 1 to 20. I visited, 3rd, this month. Where the blossoms? A…

  • The SUMMIT or the EDGE ?

    Have you read my following post ? This picture was taken on the top of Mt. Nokogiri , last Sunday. Mt. Fuji could be seen beyond Miura Penisula . If you click the picture , the related pictures can…

  • Peach blossoms reflected on the pond

    These pictures were taken in Koga comprehensive park, March,2016. There are the other pictures in my Japanese post. I’d like you to enjoy without reading Japanese. If you are interested, Plea…

  • Blossoms reflected on the river

    These pictures were taken near Matsudo Sta. in February 24, 2016. The blossoms are ones of Kawazu Sakura, a kind of cherry. There are the other pictures in my Japanese post. I’d like you to e…



Summerfield84's English blog
Summerfield84's English blog

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