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Tokyo Old Town
Tokyo Old Town



  • Annual Festival of Nezu Shrine

    I went to the annual festival of Nezu Shrine. In the festival last year, I didn't know where to look, so I read up on the festival. Nezu shr...

  • Japanese Restaurant Kurogi

    I went to a Japanese restaurant where it is difficult to make a reservation. I made a reservation for a private room. The Michelin guide a...

  • Wine Bar in Yushima

    I went to a wine bar which has been on my mind lately. It was no problem to take dinner there because I wasn’t able to have a lot.   The ba...

  • Tabata Ginza

    There is a famous shopping street called Yanaka Ginza in my neighborhood, but I went to a fish shop on a shopping street called Tabata Ginza...

  • Azalea Festival

    I knew that the azalea festival was being held because I have seen posters on signboards at train stations and on neighborhood association n...

  • Bengalese Finch

    When I walked around my neighborhood, I found a flea market being held. I wasn’t going to buy anything. There were four small birds in cages...

  • Yanaka Reien

    I went to Yanaka Reien which is one of the three major cemeteries in Tokyo . It is in a 100000 square meter area and is located north of Uen...

  • Dorayaki called Kuromatsu

    There was a Dorayaki called Kuromatsu which has strange flavor when I compared the difference to a different Dorayaki, a traditional Japanes...

  • Ueno to Nezu in a Walking Tour

    Last weekend, I walked from Ueno to Sendagi. I usually walk along the path when I miss the last train in Ueno but haven’t checked out the to...

  • French Restaurant in Sendagi

    I went to a restaurant called Brasserie Perle. I knew of the restaurant, but I hadn't been there. The restaurant is a few-minutes walk along...

  • Aigre Douce

      The patisserie called Aigre Douce is a famous patisserie which sells delicious cakes. It is a seven minute walk to Yamate-dori from Mejiro...

  • Shinjyuku NS Building

    I went to the Shinjyuku NS Building. I no sooner got inside the building than I saw an open ceiling space. The ceiling had a sky-high, and s...

  • Ueno

    Ueno has lots of museums, so it is originally a town of art. I didn't know why, but the whole area wasn’t beautiful and gave a bad impressio...

  • Apple Pie Shop

    Last weekend, I went to Yanaka because I buy apple pie from a shop called “Mammies”. The shop is located on the way to Tokyo Metro Sendagi S...

  • Ikayaki in Yanaka

    I went to Yanaka in Taito Ward, Tokyo . It was 3 p.m, so I was a bit hungry. Therefore, I went to an Ikayaki shop called "Yakiya". It is loc...

  • Rakugo

    Suzumoto engeijyo is one of Yose in Tokyo and is located in Taito ward, Tokyo . Yose means a permanent hut holding performances such as rak...

  • French Restaurant in Kanda

    I went to a French restaurant called Bistro-Marsanne in Kanda for lunch. I found the restaurant on a website called Tabelog. The website is ...

  • A Soba shop in Nezu

    I introduce a "soba" shop, a Japanese noodle shop, where I always go to eat year-crossing noodles on New Year's Eve. The shop called Takajyo...

  • Bar in Shibuya

    I went to a colleague's favorite bar called Travis in Shibuya. The bar is located on the second floor of a building around an alley. The doo...


    We went to a tempra restaurant for dinner with a person visiting my company from Britain. I decided to go to the restaurant serving traditio...

  • Dorayaki

    Dorayaki is a Japanese sweet which is two disk-shaped sponge cakes spread with some sweet bean paste. It is baked with honey, so it is moist...

  • Yanaka

    Yanaka means “valley” in Japanese, and it is an area in the Taito ward, Tokyo. The area is located inside the Yamanote line, and it has an a...

  • Kabayaki and Shirayaki

    I found an eel shop called "Inageya" in my neighborhood and went in and checked it out. I liked the shop. Prices of eel dishes are always ex...

  • First Visit to a Shinto Shrine

    I went to see the first sunrise of the year, and subsequently I visited a Shinto shrine. I had the impression that shrines are usually crowd...

  • The First Sunrise

    The New Year has started. I made it through another year while listening to the bells at a temple and seeing a beautiful garden of the templ...